In 2017, life and liberty was found in Jesus Christ.

We've seen our ministry reach further than it's ever gone through worship experiences, campus expansion, online media, outreach, a new book release, and more.

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Total Decisions
for Christ
1,146 On Location
1,161 Online & Media

290 Baptisms


Fresh Life Groups are a great way to make friends and grow in your relationship with God. Coming together in smaller groups is how discipleship happens.

165 Groups
1,386 Members
293 Leaders


We are a youth led movement. We are calling out an under-challenged generation to tap their full potential and change the world.

21 Groups
171 Students
35 Leaders


We launched three campuses on September 10th, 2017 and have already seen over 114 decisions for Christ.

Jackson coming in January 2018

The team for the launch is growing, and God's favor is on our efforts

Online Media

We will continue to use every avenue to spread the Gospel, here is a quick glance at the impact of our online ministry.


223,069 viewers
37% new viewers
1.4 million page views

  Church Online

42,368 new viewers
From 36 countries

  Mobile App

2.2 million launches
27,960 new downloads


1.2 million downloads

  Web Archive

3.5 million plays
From 200 countries

  Fresh Life TV

Reaching 260,000 people per month

Social Media

We continue to extend our reach through social media platforms to bring hope, inspiration, and encouragement. Here's how our platforms have grown over this past year.

Fresh Life Church Avatar Fresh Life @freshlife
Levi Lusko Avatar Levi Lusko @levilusko

"The things on social media... have helped me hold my head high and reminded me that God is in waiting and he is in the mess." Olivia O'Connor

"Needed this [reminder]. Thank you." Lizzy Hunt

"Thank you for sharing. I needed this." Violet Benson


We love to generously invest in, build up, and love our communities through action. We do this by coming alongside local and global non-profit organizations that are doing amazing work to serve our communities and beyond.

$497,500 Given locally since 2010
$1,087,369 Given globally since 2010

We kick off a brand new year of serving with an epic three day event in the summer that we call Rock This City! This is when our church across multiple states purposes together as one to serve as many local organizations with as many volunteers hours as possible.

7 Years
1,053 Volunteers
In 2017

2,093 Hours Served
In 2017
60 Organizations
In 2017


Our Fresh Life Internship is for training and equipping leaders to step into their calling and develop the tools for ministry at Fresh Life Church.

Since February 2015, we've had 7 Groups totalling in 52 interns

Swipe Right

The life and death power of sex and romance.

Pastor Levi released his latest book Swipe Right in 2017 letting everyone know there is nothing more powerful on earth than the forces of love, sex, and romance. In fact, relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance. God’s dreams for your life are not intended to kill your joy but to enhance it.

#4 bestselling non-fiction religion book of any Bookscan reporting titles #7 bestselling title for all of HCCP’s debut week #18 on the Publishers Weekly Bestseller List #39 on ECPA Christian Bestsellers March List #27 on ECPA Christian Bestsellers April List

I have chosen to take the tools that your book has presented and apply those to my life now so that I can be the person God has called me to be. Thank you so much for writing with vulnerability and truth. You are truly helping people realize the truth God has for us in ways you can't imagine. Monique Goffigan


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